User Manuals

Cosmo POS Software is easy and efficient. The following video clips definitely will show you how to deal with Cosmo POS Software. Each video manual has its own title and issue to deal with, so please take a look and choose what you are interested in from the topics below. If you have another questions, please feel free to contact us to 1-770-715-9175. We’re always happy to help you and your business.

Install Manual

Shows how to install CosmoPOS at your business location. (coming soon)

Driver Download

You can download latest version of our softwares and hardwares. Please keep visit us to make your system up-to-date!

Creditcard Integration Setup

Shows how to integrate Credicard system to your POS system. (coming soon)

POS Free Trial Download

You can try to install our POS software. Try now our latest POS software for your business!