about us

What is Cosmo Tech?

Cosmos Tech is a fast-growing programming company aimed at the retail, restaurant and wholesale markets. Founded and located in Duluth, Georgia, Cosmo Tech has established many strong relationships with hundreds of clients and dealers in different parts of the U.S. Even today, we are continuing to expand our business domain and influence into other parts of the country.

Our Services

The mission of Cosmo Tech is to help small businesses create their vision by providing innovative POS system with customized software and web solutions that grow with their business. This would be the best total solution for most of small business in our community. We provide surveillance camera integrated POS system, developing customized software, building website, search engine optimization, and e-Marketing with social network sites. All of these services is focuing only one goal – your success!

What products does Cosmo Tech provide?

Cosmo Tech is highly recognized for its innovation by providing the most efficient and effective business solutions. We offer POS systems, anti -theft security, surveillance systems, graphic designs, and software developed by Cosmo Tech. The surveillance and POS systems are fully integrated together for ease of use.

What makes Cosmo Tech so different?

Instead of simply being the middleman by purchasing and reselling licensed software, we have developed and engineered our very own system. It is due to this that we are able to customize to every possible need a client may have. Our company provides unparalleled tech support and customer service. Our decree at Cosmo Tech is to empower your business with our solution. We are here for you and your needs, and would love to hear from you.