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CosmoPOS Retail system is a revolutionary POS system that is designed and developed by Cosmo Tech, providing following key features to best-serve our customers’ needs.

1. Fast Checkout

Simple and easy to use, our POS system will make daily tasks quick and manageable. Cash, credit and debit card transactions are fast and reliable. Both touch-screen and keyboard functions are available and effortless to utilize. Items without specific bar codes can be added into the sale with a click of a button, making it as faster than a traditional cash register.

2. Powerful integration with surveillance system

Cosmo POS Retail system is designed for full integration with the surveillance cameras. You are able to pull up video footages on the POS system for every sales transaction. You can also monitor every single activity on the cashier’s station including refunds and deleted, void and discounted transactions. This helps control your employees and secure your business. From your digital device, you can monitor multiple different stores at your convenience.

3. Multi Store / HeadQuarter

Instant Sales and Quantity Information for all locations through Multi-Store Button In a multi store environment, there will be times when you will need to transfer products between a warehouse and a store, or from store to store. You no longer have to call down to the store (or warehouse) to find out what they have in stock. Using the multi-utility, all stores will have the current inventory of items from any store in your chain. You can create purchase orders, view sales data, add or edit inventory, transfer stock, make account payments and much more from any location with a compatible digital device. With the HeadQuarter software, making transfers and reviewing reports is very easy. Simply look up the item in Inventory Maintenance and hit the Transfer button. Select that item you want to transfer and to which store it needs to go to. You are able to compare all stores on one page.

4. Customer Membership

· Generates targeted customer lists and mailing labels based on customers’ sales
· Displays notes for immediate customer identification
· Displays detailed sales history at time of salebr
· Ranking system for customers based on sales, transactions, etc
· Can use Membership Card for Customer Loyalty program (Store cash Point)
· Coupon, Gift card, Store Credit available (for Return/Refund)
· Keeps track of Birthdays and Customers’ email addresses
· Customer Interest Tracking also available

5. Inventory Control

Inventory management can be tasked with:
· Item finder/New item registration
· Review of sales history / PO history of items
· Review of best items / zero moving
· Item Alias: Registration of an identical item with different barcode numbers
· Print item list by vender or ETC , Barcode Label,
· Connect another Store and Review of items at another store, Item data transfer to another store.

6. PDA, Laptop,Retail Jacket

Efficient inventory management through:
· Hand-held Mobile Device for easy inventory management
· Real-time item price Checking and Change
· Real-time Manage Purchase order and inventory from anywhere with an internet connection
The system can be reached from any access point you desire. You can show your customers your inventory and take their orders at the same time. *Compatible with Windows devices or Retail Jacket.

7. Reporting

Reports can be exported to PDF and Excel file formats. Statements, invoices and purchase orders can be quickly printed and then sent via e-mail to your customer or vendor.
Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly sales during a certain time period can be accessed.
Sales history of items by category, vendor or brand during a certain time period can be accessed.
Employees clock-in/clock-out times and labor reports are available.
Business profits, expenses, and loss reports available. Many other reports and statistics are also available.

8. Purchase Orders

Automatically generates purchase orders based on inventory minimums and maximums or sales. The system can create reorders within minutes.
Receiving process is simple and automatic. Replenish any items in need of restocking with a simple click of a button.

9. Internet Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing options:
You can use one of our integrated processors to get the lowest credit card rates. It’s one the fastest with no errors. If not, you could opt into using a different or previous credit card processing party.

10. Additional Features

· Sales person Tracking
· Weight Scale Interface available
· Works with Portable POS
· Invoices on Hold and open
· Built in Backup

· Flexible Pricing
· Flexible Taxing
· Age Verification
· Password Protection
· Account program included

Cosmo Restaurant Software

Cosmo Restaurant Software is perfect for small Deli / Wing store / Cofffee shop / bakery.
Also Togo restaurant and dinner restaurant / Buffet.
Easy and Simple work with Scale, All Automatic Calculate rate

Cosmo Restaurant Software

Cosmo Restaurant Software is perfect for small Deli / Wing store / Cofffee shop / bakery.
Also Togo restaurant and dinner restaurant / Buffet.
Easy and Simple work with Scale, All Automatic Calculate rate

Wholesale / Distribution/ Company Operatiion Software

Cosmo POS wholesale software can running your business is easy and simple and efficiency. We have Hair wholesale, Beauty wholesale, Cloth wholesale, Etc.

We development of custom software applications, custom programming, database design, client-server and internet/intranet software application development.