POS Hardware

Cosmo POS system includes a cash drawer, a receipt printer, a laser bar code scanner, and a customer display that will show the invoice as well as your business advertisement.

CCTV Camera

Cosmo Tech provides real-time 1080p full HD recording system for your business needs. Our powerful CCTV integrated POS system will ensure your business run successfully!

POS Set up

Cosmo Tech connects website and SNS sites into your business to maximize your e-marketing. Experience the ultimate online solution.

Credit Card

Cosmo Tech can customize our software for your business needs. Your wish is our command!

Retail POS System

Introducing where you can connect your store(s) to see various sales reports in real time from the comfort of your phone, laptop, or computer.

Grocery POS System

Cosmo POS System provides real-time Headquarter functions at no extra cost! This is the perfect solution for multi-store owners. Through this feature, you can access and manage all of your stores’ POS activities in real time.

Restaurant POS System

Cosmo POS provides various ways to increase your customers’ loyalty with its unique membership program. You can create 10 different membership levels and give your customers benefits so that they can revisit.

Wholesale POS System

Cosmo Tech’s CCTV integration functions are the most powerful tools, not only in protecting your store but also in managing your employees at their designated registers. Instantly ‘Click & View’ the activity during a specific transaction.

About us

Cosmo Tech is a fast growing, highly recognized IT company known for their innovation in providing the most efficient and effective business solutions. Cosmo Tech offers POS hardware, POS software, anti-theft security, surveillance system, website development, and social network connection to their clients in retail, restaurant, and wholesale markets.
Anyone can be the middleman by purchasing and reselling licensed software. However, Cosmo Tech develops, engineers, and consistently updates their software with their clients in mind. Cosmo Tech’s in-house software production gives them the ability to easily customize and incorporate the most requested features made by their clients.
With our 10 year POS experience and knowledge, it’s no wonder clients trust our products. Due to our loyalty to our clients, we have established many strong relationships in Georgia, thus leading to the expansion of our business domain and influence to other parts of the country.


Cosmo Tech provides optimal tech support and customer service. If you can’t find what you’re looking for from the following links, please send us your inquiry by email or phone.

Help Center

24/7 Online Support
+1 770-715-9175

Help Center

24/7 Online Support
+1 770-715-9175